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Wanson Group Move For H2O 2021

Wanson Group stays active to support Move For H2O

Wanson Group is proud to continue our support for Move for H2O (formerly known as Run for H2O) this year,  sponsoring the initiative to raise funds for accessible clean water in El Capotillo, Dominican Republic.

Organized by HOPE International, the event was held virtually this year, with hundreds of participants across the country joining the action through their own form of activity.

The Wanson team headed out for an outing in the great outdoors, reconnecting with the nature around us with a trail walk while advocating for the community of El Capotillo in their journey to build their own clean water system.

As of this past June, Move for H2O has surpassed more than $1,000,000 raised, which has brought vastly different transformations for more than 10,000 people. Access to clean water changes everything for them — from improved health, to more consistent income, to a more sustainable environment and community.

As dedicated community builders ourselves, we are proud and grateful to have been part of this tremendous process. Learn more about how you can contribute through their website

For more information about how Wanson gives back to the community, feel free to check out some of our previous media posts here. Be sure to follow us on our social channels (LinkedIn, Instagram, and Facebook) so you won’t miss any updates!

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