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Wanson Group Blueberry Fundraiser

Wanson Group holds first annual blueberry fundraiser

Heads up, we have a great follow-up story from our last harvesting party!

Wanson Group is happy to announce that we have successfully held our first Wanson Group blueberry fundraiser! In July, we donated blueberries harvested from our annual summer gathering at the Riverwood Farm to fundraise for Lloyd & Jay Foundation, with donations contributing to Royal Columbian Hospital’s Mental Health Fund.

About 1,000-lbs of blueberries were donated, raising $7,867.76 in total. We’re very proud of our community and grateful for all the love and support.

As B.C.’s oldest hospital, and one of its busiest, Royal Columbian Hospital provides exceptional care to the province’s most seriously ill or injured. It’s the only hospital in B.C. with trauma, cardiac care, neurosurgery, high-risk obstetrics, neonatal intensive care, and acute mental health care all on one site. The Hospital Foundation is currently working with donors to raise funds towards a hospital redevelopment which will offer four times as much space, and two and a half times as many psychiatric beds.

We’re delighted to be able to turn our summer tradition into an opportunity to help give back to our community. Join us in supporting this cause by visiting the foundation’s donation page

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